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Parent Involvement


Improving Parent Involvement With Consistent Communication Through Phone Calls

Strategies For Improving Parent-Teacher Communication With a Phone-Call Plan of Action

Imagine This:  You have a student in your classroom that consistently cannot or does not meet classroom expectations.  You have tried implementing the right responses to her misbehaviors in class, and you have worked diligently to correct behavioral concerns so that she can be successful within your class.  You have referred her to an administrator, and you have called her parents a few times.  After your third phone call to her parents, her mother begins to defend her child’s behaviors, and comments that you never have anything nice to say about her child.  Or, maybe her mother is simply exasperated with her child and is communicating her own frustration about her child to you.  This negative response (often cultivated in families by phone calls bearing bad news) don’t do anything to support or help the child.

Written by: Shayna Pond


SAT vs. ACT - Which One Should You Take

SAT vs. ACT - Which One Should You Take

With the recent changes made to the SAT®, the ACT and SAT are now quite similar.  Despite this, there are still some major differences to consider.  Students who are getting started with the college admission process may be considering which test makes the most sense for them based on their individual skills and comfort level.  To help these students make this critical decision, we have assembled a list of factors every student should consider when deciding if they should take the ACT, SAT or both.  Use the following criteria to help you decide as you prepare for the college admission process.  Getting started on the right foot by choosing a test that works best for you, may make the difference between getting that scholarship or getting into your top-choice school.




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