Number Talks Tools

Number Talks Exercise Tools

A Number Talk is a student-centered discussion about numbers and math concepts that is facilitated by the teacher. Number Talks are centered around student’s explaining their unique thinking about how they mentally solved a given problem using strategies they’ve learned in the classroom.

Number Talks generally take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete and can be easily incorporated into your regular math block.

These tools, featured in our Using Number Talks blog post are available here for download.

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Number Talk Hand Signals

This resource explains some possible hand signals to use during Number Talks and when it’s appropriate to use them.

Number Talk Hand Signals

Number Talk Reference List

This printable and editable resource is designed for teachers to download and display in their class. It includes a few different lists to refer to when implementing Number Talks into the classroom.  It includes a listing of the routine steps involved, example number talk responses, expectations and reminders, and an expectations anchor chart template for teachers to complete on their own.  Also included, are number talks expectations and reminders pre-designed posters for teachers to print and use in their classroom.

Number Talk Reference List

Number Talk Example Problems

This resource includes many different example problems for teachers to print out and use when implementing Number Talks into their classrooms. It includes problems specifically for each grade level and covers a few different math topics for that grade level.  Teachers can download this resource and print out and use directly with their students.

Number Talk Example Problems
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