Reading Comprehension Strategy Tool – Someone Then Character Summary

The purpose of this tool is to help students organize their thoughts when summarizing events and story lines concerning a specific character “someone”. This reading comprehension tool helps students practice explaining concepts such as character transitions, struggles or basic story lines in essays or while answering questions about specific passages.

HOW TO USE: While reading a passage or story have your student(s) fill out the information relevant to each section for the main character or another key character in the story. Once all sections are complete, have your student(s) summarize the full story from the character’s point of view. This will help students learn how to process the overriding theme within short stories, passages or books, a skill-set essential for reading comprehension, preparing essays or answering reading and writing questions on exams.

View Our Blog Post: Reading Comprehension Strategy Tools to learn more about how to use this resource.


Academic Subject Area
All Subjects, ELA/Language Arts
Grade Levels
PreK, K-5
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