Reading Comprehension Strategy Tool – Reading Strategies Checklist

Use this checklist to identify key activities students should be engaged in while reading passages and stories to maximize reading comprehension. The action items are categorized as key activities to be completed, before reading, during reading and after reading the passage.

HOW TO USE: Teachers and parents can use this tool first to help direct students on what key activities need to be completed before, during and after reading a passage. Have students check off each of these items as they go through the lesson. Eventually, students should instinctively do this as they read books or passages in class. Also, this tool will help students organize their thoughts as they prepare to make arguments and address questions on the text’s content during exams and writing assignments.

View Our Blog Post: Reading Comprehension Strategy Tools to learn more about how to use this resource.


Academic Subject Area
All Subjects, ELA/Language Arts
Grade Levels
PreK, K-5
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