Efficient Classroom Processes-HSU Course

In this University-Partnered Academic-Credit course provided through Humboldt State University, you will learn the six strategies that can improve the learning environment to make your classroom more predictable, safe, and orderly. You will analyze, develop, and apply methods to improve your classroom processes and build a more efficient environment for student learning, to be applied to your current or future classroom. Through targeted activities, resources & templates, and reference guides and examples you will build a strategic implementation plan to ensure a strategy is implemented to mastery in the classroom. This course allows you to view expectations for classroom processes through a new lens and provides you with tangible ideas to ensure that you are improving upon classroom efficiency through multiple methods throughout your class day.

You will analyze the 6 strategies used to create more efficient environments for student learning, and you’ll reflect upon past implementation efforts. For each strategy you will build a clear plan of action around its implementation, then choose a specific strategy to implement to mastery, in a strategic manner. You will compose a resource to help you ensure effective implementation, analyze research and best practices from peer- reviewed journal articles, and final plan, reflect, and report on implementation progress.

This course will provide you with the tools to build an effective action plan to implement your classroom processes with fidelity so that you are successful in creating a more efficient and purposeful classroom.


  • Price: $115.00
  • Credit Type: Academic Credit / Licensure
  • Credits: 1 Unit Credit, Humboldt State University
  • HSU Subject & Catalog: EDUC x701
  • Class Number: 43937
  • 8 High-Quality Resources Provided With The Course


*Pricing includes Model Teaching’s course fee of $65 & Humboldt State University’s academic credit fee of $50.  You will only be charged $65 at registration.

Learn Key Strategies & Techniques to Help You Manage Your Class

Learn How to Implement: Daily Routines, Smooth Transitions, Pacing, Attention Getters, Silent Signals, & More

Learn How to Incorporate Efficient Classroom Management Techniques Into Your Lesson Planning & Build a Behavior Management Culture in Your Classroom

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Participants Will Be Able To:

  1. Analyze the 6 strategies used to create more efficient environments for student learning
  2. Determine methods to implement each strategy, and build a plan of action around implementation
  3. Choose and implement a classroom strategy to mastery in a strategic manner
  4. Compose targeted supplemental resources to ensure action plan implementation of student documentation and data collection in the classroom
  5. Analyze and defend research articles covering the main topics within the course, to reflect on the research’s impact in the classroom
  6. Plan, reflect, and report on implementation progress using a Classroom Implementation Plan

    Course Guiding Question:

    How can I improve my classroom process to build a more efficient environment for student learning?

    1 Credit Unit

    This course falls under Humboldt State University’s 700-799 numbering system, for the purposes of credential/licensure designed primarily for electives or professional development/salary advancement purposes.  At the conclusion of the course, Model Teaching will review your submitted content and send the results to Humboldt State University.  This course is for 1 Graduate Credit Unit and requires a minimum passage grade of 80%. Model Teaching is an accredited partner with Humboldt State University.  Upon course completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Model Teaching, along with instructions to submit to Humboldt State University to receive your Academic Units.

    Please view our PD STATE REQUIREMENTS PAGE to learn more about your state’s requirements.

    Our UNIVERSITY-PARTNERED, ACADEMIC CREDIT COURSES, such as this course, allow you to earn regionally-accredited units or credits, accepted by most states for teacher re-certification requirements.


    Shayna Pond, Instructor

    M.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Principal Certificate
    Rice University
    B.S. Physics
    Louisiana State University

    Experience & Credentials:
    Over 10 Years of Teaching or Tutoring Experience
    Former Assistant Principal
    Former Lead Teacher
    President of Action Potential Learning

    What a great course!

    I loved the resources and the way this course was presented. I learned some great new strategies for how to establish a more organized classroom and how to address behavioral issues. Would recommend this course to both new and experienced teachers!

    -Math Teacher

    Download the Syllabus

    Receive a copy of the course syllabus by submitting the form below. Once submitted, we automatically email you a copy.  The syllabus contains detailed and important information on the structure and core content of the course as well as grading.

    Helpful Resources & Templates Included With the Course

    The course comes with 8 templates, tools, and graphic organizers ready to be used in your classroom!  These include:

    • Efficient Classroom Processes Strategy Guide
    • Transition Running Record Assessing Tool
    • Research Article Analysis Template
    • Daily Routines Reflection Sheet
    • Procedures Reflection Sheet
    • Classroom Implementation Plan Template
    • Strategy Focus Plan Template
    • Supplemental Resource Design

    High-Quality Virtual Presentations

    Our high-quality lessons are presented by your instructor in a virtual learning environment that is designed to mirror live, on-campus workshops. Choose to watch or read all lessons at any time and take advantage of our high-quality resources provided for immediate implementation of your new skills.