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Model Teaching invites contributions in the form of online education guest posts. We accept content that add value to our readers and that provides readers with specific ideas for implementing concepts into their classroom alongside valuable resources. Keeping that in mind, we have laid down a few guidelines on how to write and submit a guest post on education.

The Model Teaching Education Articles blog reaches thousands of subscribers a month.  The purpose of our blog is to deliver meaningful and engaging posts that focus on specific teaching concepts that are applicable and relevant to the classroom.  These concepts are presented in a way that provides value in the form of actionable steps and resources for our readers to access.

Some themes of interest to us include:

  • Parent engagement
  • CER, PBL, and inquiry in science
  • Assessment design
  • Lesson design ideas
  • Content specific methods to check for understanding
  • Blended Learning ideas
  • Reading genres lesson activities
  • Tips for routines and procedures
  • Classroom management concepts
  • Writing strategies
  • Grade specific strategies and activities or broader application strategies and activities

What You Get When You Post

Full Author Credit

We will create and post your organization or author as a fully-credited author on the blog post once approved and published.

Link Back To Your Website or Page

Your blog post will contain a direct link back to your website, page, or newsletter.

Short Description Included On The Post

Model Teaching will include a short description of your blog or page on the blog post.

Blog Article Requirements

  • Blog content primarily focuses on a systematic step by step method for implementing a concise idea into the classroom. The more specific and narrowly focused of an idea, the better. We prefer detail and depth of a concept over quantity of ideas.
  • Your article must contain original, relevant and accurate content. It must not be duplicated in any form on another website. Though you may cite best educational practices, the approach, details, and content must be your own writing and work. If you do not hear from us on your idea within 3 weeks that means the topic is not a good fit for Model Teaching and you can use the idea elsewhere.
  • Our ideal blog length is between 1000-2000 words. However, detail and clarity is important, so at times blog length does and can exceed 2000 words.
  • At least one downloadable resource is required that goes along with the content of your article. It should be a resource that aides the reader in implementation of the article idea and the reader finds valuable for use. You may include your logo in this resource but please upload this as an editable document, like word, for our review and edit suggestions.
  • A short (2-3 sentence) author bio that includes one link to your website or personal blog page.
  • Proper attribution is required for all third-party quotations and referenced content within your article.
  • Additional references and peer- reviewed resources are required that reflects the validity of the content in your article.
  • All submissions are subject to review and editing by Model Teaching prior to publishing. Because we have such a specific format that all our blogs follow and because we have a strong reputation for delivering high quality content we will likely edit your article and/ or resource to fit best into the mission and consistency of our brand.

How To Submit Your Idea

If you have exceptional writing skills and would like to share your classroom expertise with a large network of professionals, consider becoming a guest blogger.

Submit your article idea using the form below. Before you submit your idea we strongly suggest reviewing some of our recent blog articles here:   OUR BLOG to understand how articles are structured and presented.

We will review your submission below and if we feel your topic meets our areas of interest and standards we will reach out and let you know how to submit your posting or article for our site!