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Courses focused on specific teaching strategies, and evidence-based best practices, delivered in a format ready to be used in the classroom.
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Courses For Teachers
Professional Development courses for teacher licence renewal & re-certification. Take Both pre-approved continuing education & academic credit courses through our university partners.
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Courses For Schools & Districts
Our courses cover the exact topics and researched-backed strategies critical for effective teaching & lesson design, leading to improved teaching performance.
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Courses Focused on Relevant Teaching Methods, Ready For The Classroom

We focus our professional development courses on what’s important to you: relevant content focused on specific teaching strategies & evidence-based instructional best practices.  Earn pre-approved PD hours and regionally-accredited academic credit through our university partners.

  • Earn CPE/Clock Hours
  • Earn Academic Credit
  • Earn Microcredentials
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Model Teaching’s comprehensive menu of courses are designed to provide classroom-relevant training to developing teachers. While most professional development only covers the theory behind a particular classroom strategy, our courses actually guide teachers through the necessary steps for classroom implementation. In addition to this guided instruction, we also provide teachers with the tools, resources, templates, and planning outlines needed to put together a plan-of-action ready for the classroom.  At the conclusion of your course you will receive a certificate of completion, documenting your earned credit hours.  Learn more about Our Courses or view our Course Menu now to find the right course for you!

Comprehensive Resources, Tools, & Templates With Every Course

Each course comes with a variety of resources, tools, graphic organizers, activities, student lesson content, and lesson templates you can use to immediately implement your new training.  Resources Include:

  • Lesson Plan Templates (With Examples & Samples)
  • Trackers (Mastery, Behavior, & Documentation)
  • Graphic Organizers to be Used With Students
  • Checklists & Tools to Aid in Planning
  • And More…
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Model Teaching courses are designed to provide teachers with all the tools needed for planning and implementing their new training.  With each course you may download our editable tools and use them for the remainder of your teaching career.

Learn Within A Convenient, 100% Digital Virtual Learning Platform

High-quality video lessons are presented by your instructor in a virtual learning environment. Choose to watch or read all lessons at any time and receive feedback & completion certificates within 2 business days.  Get started immediately & work at your own pace.

  • High Quality Video Presentations
  • Access Your Courses Anytime, Anywhere
  • Start & Stop as Needed, Pick Up Where You Left Off
  • Receive Live Feedback & Straight-Forward Content
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Model Teaching courses are 100% digital.  This means no waiting for books or curriculum to be mailed and no waiting to access your course content.  Once registered you will have immediate access to all courses & resources.  You may work at your own pace and start and stop without loosing any progress.  Once a course is complete, you will receive your completion certificate and instructor feedback within 2 business days.  Check our our Course Menu now to get started!


Earn Continuing Education Hours Online

Professional Development Courses For K-12 Educators. Learn New Skills & Earn CPE/Clock Hours & Academic Credit for Licence Renewal & Salary Advancement.

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Free Resources & Tools For Educators

View our library of free downloadable tools, resources, graphic organizers, student trackers, and lesson plan templates.


Courses Designed to Improve Teacher Performance

Our Professional Development courses are designed to translate new training into in-classroom performance.  All teachers leave our trainings with a set plan-of-action, ready for the classroom.

This workshop was so powerful for me. What you presented is now part of my goals and action plans for the school year, and I am so excited to put everything I learned into use. Thank you for a great course!

-Aldine ISD Science Teacher

This training course was incredible. My leadership team learned so much about themselves and what we need to do on our campus. I want my entire staff to hear this message!

Houston ISD Principal

What you presented in [this course] is now part of my goals and action plans for the school year. I'm so excited to put these to use!

-Texas-Area Teacher

My teacher said the training and support allowed her to truly understand her student's data. As a new teacher, she found this very helpful!

Houston ISD Principal

The content in this course is excellent! The images used were effective and eye-catching. The instruction was great and very professional.

-Texas-Area Teacher, Blended Learning: Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

I am not in a classroom right now, but I have an interview tomorrow and must bring a 6th grade ELA lesson plan!!!
Such perfect timing! I will incorporate this training right away!

-California-Area Teacher, Building Effective Writing Prompts for All Students

This course was amazing. I have no training in reading instruction, but I know my [future classes] will include students who are well below their grade level in reading. I want to be able to help them become better readers before they leave my class.

-New York-Area Teacher, Intro to Guided Reading: A Guide to Small Group Literacy Instruction

I have learned so much how to integrate the technology into the traditional classroom setting. It was great!

-Dallas, TX -Area Teacher, Blended Learning-Integrating Technology Into The Classroom

Thank you so much … for putting all of these wonderful courses together in one spot for such an affordable price!

-Teacher, Registered For The Full Course Menu Bundle Pack

I can’t wait to use this material with my own class!

-Teacher, Student-Led Classroom Management

I see that by using your checklist for future objectives, I will have a clear guideline and expectations for my students to measure their success. This was an excellent professional development course.

-Teacher, Writing Effective Learning Objectives

The process in teaching [PBL] was very thorough! I am planning on implementing this next year when I'm teaching in my new school.

-Teacher, Project Based Learning

Our state tests are in less than a week and I'm so excited to try some of these [CFU strategies] for a review on Friday!

-Teacher, CFU in Elementary Math

I have really enjoyed these courses and I have learned so much! I am going through re-certification now, but since I bought the year long subscription I plan to review the courses and the resources once I begin teaching again.

-Teacher, Enrolled in The Full Course Menu Bundle Pack

The reading behavior checklist is so valuable! I work at a very small private school and we haven’t utilized anything like this when thinking about our reading instruction. I will definitely be sharing this with my administrator!

-Teacher, Supporting Reading Instruction for Elementary Learners

I want to print out the resources in this course. They are excellent and I think having them in hand/in a notebook to access as I learn will be helpful.

-Teacher, Reading & Writing Fluency
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