Number Talks to Teach Math

Number Talks: The 10-Minute Math Exercise That Creates Expert Problem Solvers

How might some of your students benefit if they could mentally solve math problems quicker and with more confidence, all while clearly explaining their thinking and strategies? It all starts in the first ten minutes of your math lesson with a Number Talk! This article will show you how you can implement Number Talks with your students in as little as five steps, as well as provide example routines and problems that are ready to be used in your next math lesson.

Round Table Discussions

Re-Energizing Classroom Discussion through Round Table Circles

When you want your students to engage in lively discussion, choosing the right format makes all the difference. Use Round Table Circles, a powerful tool that will keep your students engaged.

Grouping Students

“Where’s my partner?” An Overview of Grouping Strategies for the Classroom

Grouping students during the practice phase of your lesson can have many benefits. Students often like to talk and interact with their peers, and this gives them an excellent opportunity to practice what they are learning. However, many questions can arise when it comes to grouping your students. How should you group them? How can you implement grouping quickly and effectively, so you aren’t wasting class time?