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This free webinar is the content from our Diagnostic Assessments: An Overview Quick Course. It will teach you about the common types of diagnostic assessments, the components of a strong diagnostic assessment, and what to do with the result from your assessments. You’ll learn why diagnostic assessments are important and how they can help inform and impact your instruction. By purposefully planning for diagnostics assessments and routinely implementing them into your classroom, you will strengthen your instructional practices and improve student performance.

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About Model Teaching

Model Teaching provides cost-effective and high-quality professional development options for k-12 teachers and is one of the fastest growing online professional development providers for teachers in the United States.
While some PD providers only offer graduate-level credit courses for salary advancement and re-licensure, and other providers only offer professional development-level courses allowing teachers to earn PD hours, Model Teaching provides both at the lowest rate, with the right specific to your state re-licensure requirements or district- level needs. That means when you register with Model Teaching, you can sign up for exactly what you need to fulfill any professional development requirements with your school, district, or state.

Our online PD allows you to work at your own pace and complete your professional learning hours in your own time and at your own schedule, and teachers get a full year of access to the registered courses- significantly more time than the majority of other PD providers.

With free resources, useful strategies, and printables for both teachers and students in the classroom, our PD courses are robust and provide everything a teacher needs to implement concepts into the classroom. Our video modules are structured similar to webinars and include transcripts or complete articles of all content, allowing you to easily review concepts and complete your online learning in the format that works best for you.

Model Teaching courses span all content levels, teaching strategies, and concepts in a growing course menu. And our low cost, inexpensive bundle pack options allow teachers to select topics that are exactly right for them, including topics like:

  • Instructional and Assessment Design
  • Differentiation and Universal Design for Learning
  • Social- Emotional Learning
  • Family and Parent Engagement
  • Language Acquisition Strategies and Support for ELL students
  • Math, Reading/ Literacy, and Science Content and Strategies
  • Online Learning and Integration of Technology
  • Trauma Informed Teaching
  • Classroom Management and Understanding Student Behaviors
  • Supporting all students including autistic children, dyslexic children, or children with ADHD
  • And much more in our continuously expanding menu of courses

About Our Free and Low-Cost PD and Resource Options

Model Teaching believes in providing quality resources, content, and professional learning opportunities to teachers for the most cost-effective price. Teachers interested in free, online professional development opportunities can receive access to a new, free PD video each month. These videos are displayed as webinars, with content straight from our online PD Quick Courses. Our online Quick Courses provide you with a quick and convenient method of earning your professional development hours online in a format that is right for you- either video or PD article. And each Quick Course comes with a free resource to help you implement your new online professional learning into the classroom.

You can access a new free webinar each month to learn about targeted topics. If you are interested in earning a certificate for watching the video and accessing the downloadable resources provided for the video, you have the option to registering for the online PD course. You can earn a 1-hour professional development certificate at a huge discount by registering for the course and using the coupon code discount that is provided when watching the online webinar video. Our monthly free online PD webinars will allow you to learn relevant content for use in your classroom and provides a low-cost opportunity to earn professional development credit if you choose.

You can also download free teaching resources for use in your classroom. Our resources include graphic organizers, planning tools, data analysis trackers and organizers, lesson plans, classroom activities, and other student resources that can be immediately used in your classroom. These free teaching printables are continuously updated here, so check back often for new teacher freebies! If you love what you see, you can register for our online PD courses to access resources embedded throughout our online PD content, giving you access to potentially thousands of additional resources.

If you love the professional development content and free classroom resources, then our full-length PD courses, Quick Courses, and graduate-level academic credit courses are a great way to fulfill all of your re-licensure or salary advancement requirements. Need a lot of professional development credits? Then our PD hour or University credit bundle packs allow you to earn all your requirements in one place for the lowest price. With bundle hour options starting at only $25, you can earn all your PD requirements for a fraction of the cost of other online PD providers.

We can help you choose the right courses for you at the most cost-effective rate. All Model Teaching courses come with online videos, transcripts or printable articles, and teacher or student resources ready for use in the classroom. To browse our full course menu, click here. For questions or support, feel free to chat with us below.

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