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A Complete Professional Development Solution for Your School or District

  • Training Built for the Classroom

Our menu of courses cover the exact topics and researched-backed strategies critical for effective teaching, lesson planning, assessment, and classroom management.

Model Teaching’s comprehensive menu of courses are designed to provide classroom-relevant training to developing teachers. While most professional development only covers the theory behind a particular classroom strategy, our courses actually guide teachers through the necessary steps for classroom implementation. In addition to this guided instruction, we also provide teachers with the tools, resources, templates, and planning outlines needed to put together a plan-of-action for their classroom.  At the conclusion of each course, teachers will receive a certificate of completion, documenting earned credit hours.  View our Course Menu now to find the right course for your teachers!

  • A Focus on Implementation

Our courses are designed by experienced, certified educators and are built to provide clear guidance in a highly-structured format designed for classroom application.

All Model Teaching courses are built with classroom implementation in mind. Our experienced instructors are all certified teachers with years of in-classroom experience. Our instructors start by introducing teachers to a new strategy, then take them step-by-step through the process of implementation as they build a custom plan for their own students. In addition to this, teachers will also be provided with pre-built templates and tools to use in planning lessons as well as worksheets, graphic organizers, and sample materials to use with their students.  Observation checklists and forms are also provided with every course to allow administrators to easily complete observation and implementation feedback live, in the classroom.
  • High-Quality Course-Aligned Tools & Resources

Every course comes with a highly aligned set of resources, tools, templates, rubrics, and student worksheets that are designed to help teachers build a plan of action and implement it in their own classroom. Schools receive tools for administrator in-class observation as well.

Each course comes with a variety of resources, tools, organizers, and templates designed to aid in the implementation of new strategies.

Examples of Course Resources Include:

  • Lesson Plan Templates (With Examples & Samples)
  • Trackers (Mastery, Behavior, & Documentation)
  • Graphic Organizers to be Used With Students
  • Checklists & Tools to Aid in Planning
  • Strategy Guides & Concept Summary Tools
  • Student Activities & Templates
  • Implementation Rubrics to Aid in Application
  • Evaluation Rubrics for Administrators
  • Course Feedback Centered Around Proficiency

Our instructors provide guidance, feedback and support throughout the process. Modeled after in-person workshops and planning sessions, teachers receive personalized feedback on their developed plan of action and support after they have implemented it.

All Model Teaching instructors are experienced, state-certified educators with years of in-classroom experience who specialize in their area of instruction.  Our instructors evaluate course progress in real-time, provide a comprehensive evaluation of all course submissions, as well as post-implementation support through written feedback.  Our instructors will reach out to teachers following implementation of the new course ideas in their own classroom, and provide support and coaching where needed.  Teachers may reach out to their instructor at any time as they progress through the course(s) using our built-in messaging system.  Administrator evaluation rubrics are also provided with each course, for optional in-class observation from school leadership.

  • Highly Structured Courses Designed For Immediate Classroom Application

Our Courses Take Teachers Through A Process of Concept Mastery, Planning & Feedback Leading Them To a Full Strategy for Implementation Into Their Own Classroom

Most Professional Development today focuses on teaching concepts and theories important to education without providing clear guidance on how to actually apply these new ideas to a real-world classroom. Our courses move beyond this approach and provide a structured process that combines learning, application, & tools to produce teaching excellence.

Our standardized course structure optimizes the quality of the learning experience by allowing teachers to not only master the concepts behind new strategies, but importantly how to apply these strategies with their own students. Using a step-by-step approach, teachers are provided with training, coaching, planning tools, and all resources needed to implement a clear plan-of-action in their classroom.

  • Teachers Follow This Workflow As They Progress Through The Course:


Demonstration & Mastery

Teachers are walked through the theory behind and steps needed to implement the new strategy in their classroom. Teachers participate in high-quality video presentations, virtual discussion boards and complete content-aligned activities.


Planning & Tools

As they progress through the course, teachers build a personalized plan of action, ready for use in their classroom, using pre-built tools, step-by-step lesson planning templates, graphic organizers, and worksheets.



Our instructors provide feedback on activities and teacher-developed action plans to ensure mastery of the key concepts and effective implementation of their new plan.



Along with their action plan, teachers will have the tools and resources needed to implement the new strategy. Our instructors provide follow up support as well as supply effectiveness rubrics for in-classroom observation from administrators.

Let Teachers Control Their Own Learning Path

  • A course menu that allows teachers to choose their own learning path.
  • Practical courses targeting skill-sets needed in the classroom.

  • Receive instant access to all course content, materials, & instructor feedback.

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Build A Custom Learning Plan For Your Team

  • Build a personalized learning plan from our skill-based menu of courses.

  • Target specific teaching deficiencies or areas of growth.

  • Allow our instructors to manage or take control of your own teachers’ plan.

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Support In-School PLC’s Using Our 1-Hour Quick Courses

Model Teaching Quick Courses are cost-effective, quick PD for teachers with action items, ready-to-go resources, and specific content that gets straight to the point. Our concise, in-depth lessons focus on a narrow topic that provides a holistic presentation of key concepts you can learn and be ready to implement in one hour or less. You can choose to watch the video lesson, read the downloadable article lesson, or both, giving you the flexibility to continue your professional learning in the format of your choice. While perfect for individual learning, these courses are also great for PLCs and other school-related staff development, training, and self-paced online instruction.

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The most cost-effective way to provide your teachers with comprehensive Professional Development for self-paced learning and on-campus support.

  • Take any courses from our entire menu of full-length professional development courses, including our 1 hour Quick Courses.
  • Full administrator visibility of teacher training time and progress using your own campus manager account.
  • Course completion certificates provided with all completed courses and fully managed by our team of coaches and instructors.
  • Courses are subject to earn academic credit, if desired.
Course Content Summary

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Content Areas
Grade Levels Covered
Full Course Bundle Pack
Full Course Menu Bundle Pack

[su_label type=”warning”]Access to All PD Courses[/su_label]  Register your teachers for full access to our complete course menu for one year.  Includes all courses shown in this list.  Teachers may take any courses from our entire menu at their own pace. Perfect for PLC’s and self-directed PD for your teachers.

Course Details
$149 Per Teacher

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Growth Mindset PD Course Icon
A Growth Mindset in the Gifted Classroom

Helping Gifted & Talented (GT) students persevere through challenging content can be supported through Growth Mindset strategies. This course provides you with the resources and strategies to foster a Growth Mindset in your GT students.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Blooms Taxonomy PD Icon
A Guide to Bloom's Taxonomy

This Quick Course will teach you what Bloom’s Taxonomy is, how it’s related to cognition, & how to use Bloom’s to more effectively design lessons around your standard or lesson objective.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Webbs DOK PD Icon
A Guide to Webb's DOK

This Quick Course will teach you what Webb’s DOK is and how it is related to rigor. You’ll learn about activities associated with each level of DOK, and how each level is related to a standard, lesson objective, and assessment or activities.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

A Look Into Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Learn what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is, and the components that make up each UDL principle. You’ll learn about strategies that follow the UDL model so that you can create lessons that support all students.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Teaching with Professionalism Course Icon
A Review of Boundaries, Communication, and Professionalism in the Classroom

This Quick Course provides an overview of professional characteristics to consider as you work to establish boundaries and respect with colleagues, students, and your students’ families that meet the ethical requirements of being a teacher.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Aligning Homework PD Icon
Aligning Homework to Instruction

This Quick Course will teach you how to design homework that is aligned to classroom instruction and effective in supporting student academic achievement.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Logical Fallacies PD Icon
An Introduction to Logical Fallacies

This quick course will help you to understand common logical fallacies and consider how you might address fallacies within your lessons. You will learn about the structure of a sound logical argument, 12 fallacies that occur in flawed arguments, and examples for each fallacy.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Behavior Contract PD Icon
Behavior Contract Design

Learn how to design a behavior contract for the students in your classroom. You will learn about choosing reinforcers for a desired student behavior, considering tracking methods and behavior contract design, and general ideas for behavior contract implementation.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Behavior Strategies Testing PD Icon
Behavior Strategies for Improved Testing Performance

Learn how to teach testing behaviors, testing strategies, and a process for students to justify their answer choices on assessments. You will learn specific strategies and methods to explicitly teach appropriate testing behaviors.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

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Professional Development Course Resources

Helpful Resources & Templates Included With the Course

A Comprehensive Library of Resources Are Provided With Every Course

Examples of Course Resources Include:

  • Lesson Plan Templates (With Examples & Samples)
  • Trackers (Mastery, Behavior, & Documentation)
  • Graphic Organizers to be Used With Students
  • Checklists & Tools to Aid in Planning
  • Strategy Guides & Concept Summary Tools
  • Student Activities & Templates
  • Implementation Rubrics to Aid in Application

Full Evaluation & Implementation Support Included

Model Teaching is unique in that we provide full evaluation and coaching support for your teachers as they progress through their courses, providing feedback, grading, and advice on implementation.

Our platform also provides the option for schools and administrators to manage their own team’s learning plan by providing a school-based Course Manager Dashboard build for administrator use. Admins have the option to view their teacher’s progress, assign courses, generate reports, and even evaluate submissions.

Evaluation Support Included With Each Course:

During The Training: Throughout each training, our instructors will evaluate completed assignments and activities and provide coaching and support.

After The Training: At the conclusion of the course, teachers will submit their final action plan. Our instructors review these action plans and provide feedback and support on how well they have mastered the key concepts.

Evaluation Resources Provided to Administrators: Each course comes with an Implementation Effectiveness Checklist. These rubrics are designed to provide administrators a quick evaluation tool for teacher observation. Admins can print them out and use them to evaluate their teacher’s implementation of the course content during classroom observations.


As teachers work through the courses, we evaluate, provide feedback, & assign completion certificates and/or credits.


Schools will be provided with a Course Manager account where admins can view progress, assign courses, download activity reports, as well as evaluate and grade if they choose.


I have learned so much and improved my teaching tremendously since taking these courses- I wish we could use these courses in place of our teacher in-service!

Tammy, Literacy Instructor
Thank you for putting all these wonderful courses together in one spot for such an affordable price.
-Kim, Science Teacher

Wow- I am really impressed with how good the content is in these courses. I’m so happy they were so affordable!

Nigel, Social Studies Teacher

What a great course. I loved realizing that I need to slow down and really make sure that I am starting with the end in mind.

-Teacher, Planning for Instructional Strategies & Learning Objectives
What an amazing course. I have enjoyed every detail. It loved all of the visual resources.
-Teacher, Literacy Stations for PreK-2nd Grade
This course was very thorough in explaining what Claim Evidence Reasoning CER in the Science Classroom is and how to implement CER writing in the classroom. The course gave great resources, as well as offering practice and reflection.
-Teacher, CER in Science Course
This course was an excellent intro for Literacy Stations for PreK-2nd Grade. I found the lessons, reflections, and videos helpful and easy to follow. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to educate themselves more about literacy stations.
-Teacher, Literacy Stations for PreK-2nd Grade
I have really enjoyed these courses and I have learned so much! I am using these courses to complete re-certification, but since I have access to these courses for a year, I plan to review them all again once I begin teaching. I will be printing out and using all the resources and templates in my classroom!
-Nancy, New Elementary School Teacher
This workshop was so powerful for me. What you presented is now part of my goals and action plans for the school year, and I am so excited to put everything I learned into use. Thank you for a great course!
-Aldine ISD Science Teacher
This training course was incredible. My leadership team learned so much about themselves and what we need to do on our campus. I want my entire staff to hear this message!
Houston ISD Principal
What you presented in [this course] is now part of my goals and action plans for the school year. I’m so excited to put these to use!
-Texas-Area Teacher
My teacher said the training and support allowed her to truly understand her student’s data. As a new teacher, she found this very helpful!
Houston ISD Principal
I am not in a classroom right now, but I have an interview tomorrow and must bring a 6th grade ELA lesson plan!!!
Such perfect timing! I will incorporate this training right away!
-California-Area Teacher, Building Effective Writing Prompts for All Students
This course was amazing. I have no training in reading instruction, but I know my [future classes] will include students who are well below their grade level in reading. I want to be able to help them become better readers before they leave my class.
-New York-Area Teacher, Intro to Guided Reading: A Guide to Small Group Literacy Instruction