Addressing Learning Loss – Course Bundle Pack

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Register to receive access to 12 Professional Development Courses (90 hours) covering essential topics to help reduce student learning loss.

Addressing Learning Loss Bundle Pack

This course series contains curated courses from the Model Teaching platform that provide teachers the tools to address and eliminate learning loss in the classroom. When children enter a classroom with significant prior gaps in education, they are at risk of academic, social, and emotional decline.  Teachers that are equipped to best identify and address student needs through academic and social-emotional strategies are most likely to decrease learning gaps within students. This course bundle provides courses containing the critical content teachers need to be prepared to support students who enter the classroom with learning loss.

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Courses Included In The Bundle:

Social- Emotional and Behavioral Support:

Trauma PreK-5 PD Icon

Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies for PreK-5th Grade

(1 PD Hour) This Quick Course will teach you about types of trauma, the signs of trauma in children, and how you can design a trauma-informed classroom. You’ll learn a specific approach to the design of your classroom and its culture so that you are maintaining a safe space that supports all children.

Trauma 6-12 PD Icon

Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies For Grades 6-12

(1 PD Hour) This Quick Course will teach you about types of trauma, the signs of trauma in adolescents, and how you can implement strategies to support a trauma-informed classroom. You’ll learn a specific approach to the design of your classroom and its culture so that you are maintaining a safe space that supports all students.

Social Emotional Learning PD Icon

Strategies to Support Social-Emotional Learning

(8 PD Hours) This course will provide you with a detailed overview of social-emotional learning (SEL) and the value of incorporating SEL into the classroom to help improve academic success and emotional intelligence.

Understanding Student Behavior PD Icon

Understanding Student Behavior: An Introduction to the ABC Method

(12 PD Hours) Learn how to use data to diagnose functions of behavior & implement an effective intervention plan that will address inappropriate behaviors, improving the learning environment of your classroom.

Family Engagement PD Icon

Encouraging Family Engagement: Through Effective Communication & Home-to-School Connections

(12 PD Hours) This course will cover the values (both social-emotional and academic) of building strong home-to-school connections. Participants will learn strategies for building connections and keeping parents engaged, with a focus on clear, frequent, and positive communication.

Academic Support:

Diagnostic Assessments PD Icon

Diagnostic Assessments: An Overview

(1 PD Hour) This Quick Course will teach you about the common types of diagnostic assessments, the components of a strong diagnostic assessment, and what to do with the result from your assessments.


A Look Into Universal Design for Learning (UDL)-Meeting the Needs of All Learners

(1 PD Hour) This Quick Course will provide you with a quick look and overview of what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is, and the components that make up each UDL principle. You’ll learn about strategies that follow the UDL model so that you can create lessons that support every student in your classroom.

Gradual Release PD Icon

The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

(4 PD Hours) This review of the gradual release model of instruction focuses on learning strategies for the instructor, whole group, peer groups, and individual students to utilize in a classroom.

Planning for Differentiation PD Icon

Planning for Differentiation-From Students with Disabilities & Special Needs to the General Education Population

(14 PD Hours) Learn how to analyze grade-level expectations during the lesson planning process, in order to select the appropriate methods of differentiation for a range of student types, including students with disabilities and special needs.

Academic Intervention RTI-PD Icon

Intro to Response to Intervention (RTI)

(6 PD Hours) This course, best for educators new to the RTI model, provides an overview for how instruction in the classroom can best support a response to intervention model.

Strategies to CFU PD Icon

Strategies to Check for Understanding

(8 PD Hours) Learn the value of incorporating frequent checks for understanding into your lesson plans and learn when CFUs need to be incorporated into a lesson cycle as well as how to use data to inform future instructional decisions.

Graphic Orgs Blooms PD Icon

Using Graphic Organizers to Target Bloom’s Cognitive Levels

(8 PD Hours) This course analyzes the six levels of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and how graphic organizers can be applied to each cognitive process dimension, allowing for targeted scaffolding of student thinking.

Transforming Online PD Icon

Transforming Traditional Classroom Lessons to Online Learning

(14 PD Hours) Learn how to take your current lesson plans and transition them into an online learning format. Explore the SAMR continuum of technology integration and work towards the highest level of redefinition as you authentically implement technology into your teaching.

Using ESSER or EANS Funds

Using American Rescue Plan funds, ESSER, EANS, or any other funds, teachers, schools, or districts can sign up for our relevant, resource-rich, and implementation-focused PD courses that help teachers address learning loss in students. Learning loss mitigation efforts implemented by well-trained teachers are critical for students to accelerate learning gains and ensure learning recovery occurs swiftly within the school year. Since learning loss is often a result of a traumatic event and creates significant gaps in student knowledge and skills, professional development content that addresses students’ social-emotional, behavioral, and academic needs is critical for success. Our selected list of courses in this Addressing Learning Loss Bundle Pack provides the tools teachers need to reduce learning loss within their students in a compassionate, understanding, and targeted way.

  • Highly Structured Courses Designed For Immediate Classroom Application

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Most Professional Development today focuses on teaching concepts and theories important to education without providing clear guidance on how to actually apply these new ideas to a real-world classroom. Our courses move beyond this approach and provide a structured process that combines learning, application, & tools to produce teaching excellence.

Our standardized course structure optimizes the quality of the learning experience by allowing teachers to not only master the concepts behind new strategies, but importantly how to apply these strategies with their own students. Using a step-by-step approach, teachers are provided with training, coaching, planning tools, and all resources needed to implement a clear plan-of-action in their classroom.


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I have learned so much and improved my teaching tremendously since taking these courses- I wish we could use these courses in place of our teacher in-service!

Tammy, Literacy Instructor
Thank you for putting all these wonderful courses together in one spot for such an affordable price.
-Kim, Science Teacher

Wow- I am really impressed with how good the content is in these courses. I’m so happy they were so affordable!

Nigel, Social Studies Teacher

What a great course. I loved realizing that I need to slow down and really make sure that I am starting with the end in mind.

-Teacher, Planning for Instructional Strategies & Learning Objectives
What an amazing course. I have enjoyed every detail. It loved all of the visual resources.
-Teacher, Literacy Stations for PreK-2nd Grade
This course was very thorough in explaining what Claim Evidence Reasoning CER in the Science Classroom is and how to implement CER writing in the classroom. The course gave great resources, as well as offering practice and reflection.
-Teacher, CER in Science Course
This course was an excellent intro for Literacy Stations for PreK-2nd Grade. I found the lessons, reflections, and videos helpful and easy to follow. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to educate themselves more about literacy stations.
-Teacher, Literacy Stations for PreK-2nd Grade
I have really enjoyed these courses and I have learned so much! I am using these courses to complete re-certification, but since I have access to these courses for a year, I plan to review them all again once I begin teaching. I will be printing out and using all the resources and templates in my classroom!
-Nancy, New Elementary School Teacher
This workshop was so powerful for me. What you presented is now part of my goals and action plans for the school year, and I am so excited to put everything I learned into use. Thank you for a great course!
-Aldine ISD Science Teacher
This training course was incredible. My leadership team learned so much about themselves and what we need to do on our campus. I want my entire staff to hear this message!
Houston ISD Principal
What you presented in [this course] is now part of my goals and action plans for the school year. I’m so excited to put these to use!
-Texas-Area Teacher
My teacher said the training and support allowed her to truly understand her student’s data. As a new teacher, she found this very helpful!
Houston ISD Principal
I am not in a classroom right now, but I have an interview tomorrow and must bring a 6th grade ELA lesson plan!!!
Such perfect timing! I will incorporate this training right away!
-California-Area Teacher, Building Effective Writing Prompts for All Students
This course was amazing. I have no training in reading instruction, but I know my [future classes] will include students who are well below their grade level in reading. I want to be able to help them become better readers before they leave my class.
-New York-Area Teacher, Intro to Guided Reading: A Guide to Small Group Literacy Instruction