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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Course Codes for University-Partnered Courses?

CLICK HERE to view updated course codes for all university-partnered, graduate-level courses.

How Many Credits Can I Earn Per Semester?

You may complete up to 15 credits per semester, per university. If you need more than 15 credits in a semester, please select multiple university partnered courses when building your bundle package.

If You Require More Than 15 Credits/Semester, We Recommend You:

A.  Spread out your required number of credits over more than 1 academic semester (Spring, Fall, or Summer)


B.  Choose multiple university partners (up to 15 credits per university) when building your bundle package.

Please always check with your district to confirm how many total credits they will accept in a given semester.

Weekly Course Minimum Policy

Recall that one credit is equivalent to 15 hours of seat time, two credits are equivalent to 30 hours of seat time, and three credits are equivalent to 45 hours of seat time. You must allocate a minimum of one week per course to complete all assignments, but you may take longer than this if you wish. For example, this means that if you register for two courses on the same date, you cannot request credits until at least two weeks after that time period. Or you can register for one course and complete it in a minimum of one week’s time before enrolling in your next course. If you have any questions or need support, please chat with us!

Can I receive a 1098T form?

Per federal guidelines, 1098T forms may be issued by colleges and universities that participate in the Department of Education’s student aid programs. Model Teaching courses (including university partnered courses) are not eligible for DOE student aid programs.  Due to this, we’re unable to issue a 1098T form.

I need physical copies of my certificates mailed, how do I do this?

Model Teaching can mail copies of completion certificates, CTLE certificates, and other documents to any US-based location.  To cover this expense there is a $2.99 charge for every 5 documents mailed to one location.  You may request your digital Model Teaching completion certificates by completing the request form found here:

*Please Note: This request form applies to Model Teaching documents only.  University credits or official transcripts are provided through our university partners.  Please follow the guidelines on your completion certificate(s) for information on requesting official transcripts or university credit.

What technical (Software or Computer) requirements are needed to take a course?

All Model Teaching courses are online based.  This means that to access the courses we require an internet connection and that you have a recently-updated modern browser installed on your device (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

In order to complete some assignments we require viewing and sometimes editing of PDF or Microsoft Word-based documents.  If you have not already done so, we recommend that you use the most recent version of Adobe Reader.  This can be downloaded for free Here.  If you do not have access to Microsoft Word, we recommend you use the free Google Docs tools.  These tools are provided free of charge by Google and are compatible with the Word documents we utilize.  You can find more information about accessing Google Docs here:

If you do not have Microsoft Office (or Word) on your computer, please contact us prior to purchase and we will try to work to accommodate your needs.

Model Teaching courses will work on any device (tablet or smart phone) or computer with internet access.  However, for convenience in writing written responses, and for viewing PDF or Word course resources we recommend using a desktop or laptop to work on your courses.

I am not currently teaching. Can I still take your courses?

Absolutely!  You are not required to have access to a classroom or students to take our courses.  Our courses are structured to provide you with the opportunity to use the lessons learned directly in your own classroom, however this is not a requirement to complete the courses.

How long does it take to complete a course and get my clock hours and/or credits?

Within each Model Teaching course page you will see an associated number of course hours.  For Professional Development courses, course length can also be seen in the Course Details section for each course in the course menu.  Our Academic Credit courses are measured in terms of Units or Credits, however, you can find a length estimation on each course page.  See our course menu for details about each course.

All course length is based upon an estimate of how long it would take to complete the course in a live training environment.  Generally, most teachers can complete the online version of our courses much more quickly.

How long until I receive my credits?

Model Teaching will evaluate your completed course within 48 hours upon submission.  Once evaluated, you will automatically be notified of its completion and provided with instructions on how to access your completion certificate.  For Academic Credit courses, credits and/or transcripts will generally be available from our university partner within 4-6 weeks.

How and when do I receive my course materials?

All Model Teaching courses provide content and materials 100% online.  This means that you will have immediate access to your course and all of its material as soon as you register.

Can I start and stop my course at any time?

Yes!  All of our course lessons are delivered via video presentations as well as reading and short answer writing assignments.  These can be paused and saved at any time.  You may login and resume your course at any time without loosing any course progress.  Once registered, you will have access to your course(s) for 1 year and may work on it during that time period.

What is the difference between Professional Development & Academic Credit courses?

Model Teaching offers both Online Professional Development courses as well as Online Academic Credit University-Partnered courses offered through regionally-accredited universities.  Model Teaching Professional Development courses are pre-approved in some states while most State Departments of Education accept regionally-accredited continuing education credit for teacher license renewal requirements.  Visit our State PD Requirements page to find your state-specific PD requirements.

You can sort between our Professional Development and Academic Credit courses in our course menu by checking either “Professional Development” or “Academic Credit/Licensure” in the Credit Type section of our course menu filter.

  • To learn more about the differences between these two courses please CLICK HERE

Platform Technical Support

Getting Started

Thank you for enrolling in a Model Teaching professional development course!

On this page, we have provided a quick overview of how to access the features of our course platform and what recommendations and/or requirements are needed to enjoy a high-quality user experience though our virtual learning environment.  As you progress through each course, you will be provided with prompts and instruction on navigating through the system.  Please pay attention to these prompts which are generally found at the bottom of each section of the course.

If at any time you have questions about your course or features of the online platform, please reach out to us via Email, Chat, or by Phone.

Enjoy your course!

Software Requirements

Web Browsers

The Model Teaching course platform can be accessed via any commonly used web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari iOS, Microsoft Edge, IE 9 and Up).  All of these internet browsers are free to use and can be downloaded online.  We recommend users have the most up-to-date browser software installed to minimize technical issues and ensure security.  Our course platform is also SSL-secured and encrypted for both secure payment processing and maintenance of user information.  Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on our user data policies.

Adobe PDF Requirements

In order to provide resources that can be applied external to our courses (in the classroom setting), our courses utilize editable PDF-format documents for some assignments.  These documents are downloaded during the introductory section of each course and contain PDFs with editable text fields as well as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.

Downloading and installing an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader

In order to limit technical issues, we recommend that users download and/or update Adobe Reader prior to beginning their course.  Adobe Reader is a free, highly common document management tool that usually comes pre-installed on any modern desktop or laptop computer.  To install the most recent version of Adobe Reader follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Install Now” to download the Reader software for free.
  3. Locate the downloaded installation folder and install. Note: The download and installation process will differ based on your specific internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge) and operation system (Microsoft, iOS) but generally can be completed by just double clicking on the downloaded installation folder and running the installation.

Once installed, double clicking on our editable PDF documents provided with your course will automatically open the document with the up-to-date Adobe Reader.

Device Requirements

Our courses are responsive to varying screen sizes so will be accessible across all devices.  However, in order to provide resources that can be applied external to our courses (in the classroom setting), our courses utilize editable PDF-format documents for some assignments.  For a better user experience, we recommend educators take our courses on a desktop or laptop device as these documents are more easily managed in this format.

Internet Requirements

There are no limitations on internet speed when it comes to navigating through our course platform.  In order to increase the user experience for our students, our courses are optimized for fast web loading times.  We also utilize streaming videos that are quality-responsive to internet bandwidth.  This allows effective streaming in any scenario, regardless of internet speed or bandwidth.

Student Account Functionality

Student Dashboard Overview

After registration, you will be automatically taken to the Student Dashboard.  In the student dashboard, Students can access their list of courses as well as sort and search for courses in their specific menu.  This is the main user area to access your courses, manage your account, and access certificates, badges, gradebook etc.  Functions are numbered as follows:

  1. Menu tabs: My Courses, Messages, Achievements, Orders, Payment Methods, My Profile.
    • My Courses – Listing of courses you are undertaking.
    • Messages – Emails you have sent or received from your instructor.
    • Achievements – Location of certificates and badges earned from courses completed.
    • Orders – Order history.
    • Payment methods- Payment and card management.
    • My Profile – Change login credentials, email, and password.
  2. Sort and Search: Here you may click on “Course Name” to arrange the courses in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, as well as choose how many to display in one page (From 10-100).  Using the search box to the right, you may also filter what courses to display based on text.

Launching Your Course

To begin your course click “Launch Course”

This will take you to your specific course dashboard where you may begin taking your course.  Follow the instructions provided within your course dashboard to navigate through your course.

To return back to the Student Dashboard, from within the course, click on the odometer icon found at the top right hand side of your course dashboard.

Viewing Your Gradebook

To view your gradebook for completed and courses in progress, click “Gradebook” in your Student Dashboard.

Once clicked, your gradebook will show the progress status and grade/score for any assignment or quiz.  Click “View Details” to view your quiz results or written responses from your instructor for each assigned grade.  Once complete, you may also review your final submission results and download your completed final course activity.

Viewing Your Activity

To view your complete course activity or to generate an activity report click “Activity”.  Here you will be taken to your activity report where you may filter based on date or download a full report of your course activity.

Accessing Your Completion Certificates, Micro credentials, or Badges

Once each completed course is evaluated by your instructor, you will be notified via email instructions on how to access your completion certificate.  To access your certificates, micro credentials, or badges click on “Achievements” under your Student Dashboard.

Here you will be taken to a page that will display any badges or certificates ready for download.  Click “Download” to download your certificate.  Certificates and other accomplishments will be in PDF format.  If you are taking an academic credit course, your certificate will contain instructions on how to access your academic credit from that specific university partner.

Course Manager Functionality

Manager Dashboard Overview

In the manager dashboard, Course Managers can access their list of courses and the students under each course they manage.  Functions are numbered as follows:

  1. Switch from courses you are Instructing or managing to courses you are undertaking.  Select the Undertaking tab to launch the course content yourself.  Your students will not see this functionality.
  2. Menu tabs: My Courses, Messages, Achievements, Orders, Payment Methods, My Profile
    • My Courses – Listing of courses you are undertaking or instructing/managing
    • Messages – Emails you have received from your students, with the ability to message course participants
    • Achievements – Location of certificates and badges earned from courses completed
    • Orders – Order history
    • Payment methods- Payment and card management
    • My Profile – Change login credentials, email, and password

Manage Students Tutorial

When the “Instructing” tab is highlighted (Point 1 from previous page), you will see this window:

  1. Click: “Manage Students” to access a list of students enrolled in the course you are managing:

Here you will see a list of your students where you can view their gradebook,  assign certificates manually etc.  Certificates will be generated automatically upon successful completion by users with minimum grade percentage achieved.

  1. Click: “Gradebook” under an individual student to see activity details for that student and that course.

Manage Students Tutorial

After clicking gradebook for an individual student you will see activity, scores for individual course sections, and be able to view submission details for that student.

Gradebook Tutorial

Click “My Courses” to go back to the main menu and you will see this:

  1. Click: “Gradebook” to view a list of students’ progress in the course. Here you can also view their individual course progress details.

Submissions Tutorial

When a course module (assignment, discussion, final activity) has been submitted by a student, you will see a number under “Submissions”.  Click “Submissions” to view

When clicked, you will be able to view the submission here:

Here you can evaluate and grade, provide comments to your students.

*NOTE: In most cases Model Teaching will do these evaluations for you and you can view status and grades we have assigned your students.

Activity Tutorial

Click “My Courses” to go back to the main menu and you will see this:

  1. Click: “Activity” to view a running record of course access and submissions for all students that are taking the course. Here you can also generate reports by date and over time. You can also download this activity in a spreadsheet.

Adding Students

You will be able to manage a set amount of courses.  You will have a number of licenses available to you and can use a code we give you (if applicable) to register your students for particular classes.

1.To add students to a course, click “Manage Students” from the main My Courses dashboard.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a window where you can add your students to the course.  As you type your students to select from will appear.  Select the student(s) and click “Add Student”.  You will be able to add all students that you have a license to.

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