You may complete up to 15 credits per semester, per university. If you need more than 15 credits in a semester, please select multiple university partnered courses when building your bundle package.

If You Require More Than 15 Credits/Semester, We Recommend You:

A.  Spread out your required number of credits over more than 1 academic semester (Spring, Fall, or Summer)


B.  Choose multiple university partners (up to 15 credits per university) when building your bundle package.

Please always check with your district to confirm how many total credits they will accept in a given semester.

Weekly Course Minimum Policy

Recall that one credit is equivalent to 15 hours of seat time, two credits are equivalent to 30 hours of seat time, and three credits are equivalent to 45 hours of seat time. You must allocate a minimum of one week per course to complete all assignments, but you may take longer than this if you wish. For example, this means that if you register for two courses on the same date, you cannot request credits until at least two weeks after that time period. Or you can register for one course and complete it in a minimum of one week’s time before enrolling in your next course. If you have any questions or need support, please chat with us!