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Colorado Teacher Professional Development

Hundreds of Colorado teachers take Model Teaching courses every year to help them renew their teaching license, advance their salary, or simply to improve their instructional effectiveness. Learn more below about how our professional development and continuing education courses can help you today!

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Professional Development Courses For Colorado Teachers

High-quality, straightforward, and cost-effective online courses (including graduate-level) for Colorado Teachers. Let us show you have we can help you improve your teaching effectiveness, maintain your teaching license, or advance your teaching career.

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Colorado Teacher License Renewal Requirements

All Model Teaching university-partnered courses provide graduate-level semester credit for license renewal or salary advancement purposes. You may choose any Model Teaching university-partnered courses of interest or enroll in one of our Course Bundle Packs – the most cost-effective way to earn credits.

  • Regionally-Accredited Semester Credits

Model Teaching offers great options for Colorado teachers to earn semester credits from accredited universities in order to renew or maintain their teaching certification.

Acceptable Graduate-Level Semester Credits From Our University Partners:

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) requires teachers to complete 6 semester hours of college credit or 90 clock hours of professional development training to renew an expired teaching certification. Current teachers must receive 6 semester hours of college credit or 90 clock hours of professional development activities every 7 years in order to maintain certification.

Clock hours can be earned through computer-based courses as long as they “enhance your professional growth and can be related to one or more of the Teacher/SSP or Principal quality standards” outlined by the Colorado department of education.

We encourage course participants to review the Colorado Department of Education requirements here: to confirm their requirements.

REFERENCE: Colorado Department of Education

From the Colorado Department of Education Regarding Accepted Course Credit for Clock Hour Courses:

Offering Professional Development, Training or Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Model Teaching’s evaluation of the CDE’s requirements suggested CDE may accept our regular clock-hour PD courses as well as graduate level course work offered through our university partners.  Model Teaching’s awarded certificates for PD courses do meet the CDEs requirements (see below).  This is a recent policy change by CDE, so please confirm this with CDE if you wish to use our PD courses in lieu of our university-partnered courses.

CDE does not pre-approve CEUs, training or professional development workshops, conferences or in-services. There is such a wide variety of professional development that is supportive of our teachers that we simply find it impossible to approve all of it. We leave it very much to the individual educator to know what is best for them and upon submission of the renewal, the educator must clearly indicate how the professional development meets their specific endorsement areas and what educational standards it addresses. Upon evaluation, if there appears to be a mismatch between professional development activities and an educator’s needs, a formal audit will be conducted.

Any entity that holds the professional development/training/in-service should issue a certificate or letter to participants that specifically states the following, and we will accept it for renewal credit if it is applicable to the educator’s license:

  • applicant’s name
  • date of the workshop, conference or in-service
  • name of the workshop, conference or in-service
  • contact/clock hours earned (see below for more information)
  • representative’s signature


For Colorado relicensing, we recommend taking our semester-credit, university-partnered courses.  Based on recent changes, CDE may also accept our PD clock-hour courses as well.  As this is a recent policy change from CDE, please confirm your requirements if you wish to take our PD clock hour courses in lieu of our university-partnered courses.  You may find both types of these courses here:
Our graduate-level, university-partnered courses are acceptable for CO relicensing requirements.  These courses will provide semester credits and an official transcript.  1 credit will equate to 15 hours of seat time.

The most cost-effective option for teachers who need the maximum number of credits is our Build-Your-Own Graduate-Level Credit Bundle pack, found here:

Yes, absolutely. Our courses do not require access to a classroom or students to complete. However, if you ever return to the classroom you will have a broad collection of resources and tools to put your new training into practice- if you wish.

Model Teaching courses focus on providing convenient, self-paced courses for K-12 Educators. With this, we know that teachers have very busy schedules. Our courses do not require long reading assignments or open-ended, low-level essays. Rather, all lessons and activities are focused on in-classroom implementation and include short quizzes and reflections. Reflections always include pre-completed samples to reference as well as example submissions from other teachers who have completed the course- so you will always have many examples to help you complete any reflections quickly. We build our courses to reinforce the important concepts we are teaching through meaningful activities that can be completed quickly while still meeting the requirements of state and district standards for continuing education.

We estimate course length based on an assessment of how long it would take to complete the course in a live workshop. However, most teachers can complete the courses much more quickly online. Of note, you will still earn your full PD hours for every course, even if you complete your course more quickly than the courses’ estimated completion time.

What We Recommended for Colorado Teachers

Build Your Own Graduate-Level Bundle Pack

Access Our Full University-Partnered Course Menu to Earn Your Required Number of Credits

  • Includes full access to all graduate-level courses from any of our university partners

  • Register for any credits package, take any courses until you use all of your credits

  • Choose from our entire suite of university-partnered courses, work to complete as many as you wish at your own pace

  • Course Partners Include: University of the Pacific, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Massachusetts Global, & Valley City State University
  • All university-partnered courses are regionally-accredited & include an official transcript & letter grade

  • Great for salary advancement or license renewal

  • All courses self-paced & accessible for 1 year

Build Your Own Credit Bundle Pack Round

Salary Advancement Information for Teachers

Model Teaching partners with regionally-accredited universities across the country to provide graduate-level courses to thousands of K-12 teachers and educators every year. Generally, school districts across the country provide various salary scale advancement opportunities to teachers that often includes participation in graduate-level professional development. Our university-partnered, graduate-level courses are an excellent and cost-effective way for you to earn the continuing education academic credit you need.

University Accredited Seal-color-min

All Model Teaching university partners are regionally-accredited universities who offer our courses in partnership for graduate-level, academic and/or post-bachelorette credit.  Most states and school districts allow teachers to earn this type of credit as part of advancing in the salary scale.  Please check with your district’s policies regarding continuing education for salary advancement prior to enrolling.

The most cost-effective way to earn credits is by enrolling in one of our course bundle packs (see below).

Please refer to our course menu for a listing of graduate-level courses. Within each course page, you will have access to a syllabus that you may download.

Yes, all university-partnered graduate-level courses will include access to an official transcript from the university.

These graduate-level courses are primarily designed for salary advancement and/or certificate re-licensure.  It is the sole discretion of any university that issues the Masters Degree weather or not they may accept these credits to apply to a degree program.

PLEASE NOTE: The content provided on this page does not exempt users from their responsibility to ensure that our courses meet their state or district’s salary advancement policies or requirements. Please check with your district for details regarding your district’s salary advancement policies before enrolling in a course.

*The information on this page was last updated 5/2023. Please refer to the Colorado Department of Education web page for the most accurate and current information on Colorado teacher recertification requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: The content provided on this page does not exempt users from their responsibility to ensure that our courses meet their state’s continuing education requirements.