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Hundreds of Delaware teachers take Model Teaching courses every year to help them renew their teaching license, advance their salary, or simply to improve their instructional effectiveness. Learn more below about how our professional development and continuing education courses can help you today!

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Professional Development Courses For Delaware Teachers

High-quality, straightforward, and cost-effective online courses (including graduate-level) for Delaware Teachers. Let us show you have we can help you improve your teaching effectiveness, maintain your teaching license, or advance your teaching career.

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Delaware Teacher License Renewal & Re-Certification Requirements

Hundreds of Delaware teachers utilize Model Teaching courses every year to earn academic credits for license renewal. All Model Teaching university-partnered courses provide graduate-level semester credit for license renewal or salary advancement purposes. You may choose any Model Teaching university-partnered courses of interest or enroll in one of our Course Bundle Packs – the most cost-effective way to earn credits.

  • Regionally-Accredited Semester Credits

Model Teaching offers great options for Delaware teachers to earn semester credits from accredited universities in order to renew or maintain their teaching certification.

Be sure to confirm your specific teaching license renewal requirements with your state or local license-granting authority prior to enrolling.

Delaware has a three-tier licensing system for its teachers and educators. New teachers can obtain an initial license which is valid for three years. After successfully completing three years of teaching with satisfactory evaluations, teachers can receive a continuing license, valid for 5 years. An advanced teaching license can be earned through certification by the national Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

Delaware teachers must complete 90 clock hours of professional development, at least half of which based on activities related to work with students or staff. Professional development clock hours must be compliant with Delaware Title 14 Professional Standards Board. Model Teaching courses may fall under the category of both “College Course” and “Professional Committee, Conference, Workshop, Institute or Academy”. See it Here:

Page 5 of the above document provides guidelines for teachers who’s licenses have expired and need to be renewed.


Delaware Regulations states:
“For renewal of the Continuing License, educators may complete and document Clock Hours for the variety of activities described under relicensure options. When college or university courses are used to fulfill the requirements, the following equivalencies shall be used: one (1) semester hour equals fifteen (15) Clock Hours, one (1) quarter hour equals ten (10) Clock Hours, one (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals ten (10) Clock Hours. To be documented for Clock Hours, activities shall meet the criteria set forth in the regulations and shall be appropriately verified and applied for. Professional Development activities that are part of a DPAS II assistance or improvement plan or the equivalent thereof on a state-approved alternative educator evaluation system may be used to satisfy this requirement. Individuals, schools or school districts, or other agencies organizing or conducting Professional Development activities which may be used for fulfilling the requirements for renewal of a license are responsible for providing documentation of participation to all participants.”

Criteria for determining if activities are acceptable for Clock Hour credit for an educator include the following:

  • “The activity enhances the Knowledge and Skills in the educator’s job or contributes to his/her school or profession.”
  • “The activity meets one of the relicensure options.”
  • “The activity addresses one of the standards for the educator’s area of the profession.”
  • “The activity is completed during the term of the educator’s current Continuing License.
  • “The activity addresses specific Professional Educator Standards.”
  • “Participation in, or completion of, the activity can be documented.”
While we always recommend you confirm your state or district’s license renewal requirements, we recommend choosing any of our regionally-accredited university partnered courses or course bundle packs.  These courses are in partnership with regionally-accredited universities and include an official transcript.
The most cost-effective option for teachers who need the maximum number of credits is any of our University-Partnered Bundle Packs. (See Below)

Please refer to our course menu for a listing of graduate-level courses. Within each course page, you will have access to a syllabus that you may download.

Yes, all university-partnered graduate-level courses will include access to an official transcript from the university.

Categories accepted by Delaware Department of Education that pertain to Model Teaching Courses:

1. College Course: Clock Hours may be accrued where 1 semester hour equals 15 hours and 1 quarter semester hour or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals 10 hours.

  • The course shall be completed within a matriculated Masters program, Doctoral program or a graduate level course of study at or through a regionally accredited college or university or other Department-approved provider. The course may also be an undergraduate course as seen by the educator as necessary to acquire new Knowledge and Skills related to the educator’s position. The course shall be taken at a regionally accredited college or university for credit. The educator shall attain a grade of “B” or better (or a “P” in Pass / Fail course).
  • Official transcripts, original grade slips or an original certificate of completion for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) shall be presented to the Department.

Model Teaching offers courses provided through regionally-accredited Humboldt State University and Seattle Pacific University. These institutions are accredited by WASC-ACSCU and NWCCU respectively. Our University-Partnered Courses should be acceptable for Delaware teacher license renewal and Professional Development requirement hours according to The Delaware Department of Education. All courses completed through our academic partners will include access to an official transcript from that academic institution for submission to any license-granting authority.

2. Professional Committee, Conference, Workshop, Institute or Academy: Verified Clock Hours of service or experience.

  • The educator may include time spent in those portions of the Professional Committee, Conference, Workshop, Institute or Academy that contribute to the educator’s Knowledge and Skills, competence, performance or effectiveness in education that are directly connected to the school, district or charter school’s success plan or State initiative. This option includes workshops offered by districts or other employing authorities either as part of a professional development day or during after school hours. Examples of expected student or educator outcomes are anticipated.
  • The completed Activity Documentation Form and the original certificate of attendance or completion or a letter from the Professional Committee, Conference, Workshop, Institute or Academy staff shall be presented to the Department.

Model Teaching offers high-quality Professional Development Courses, relevant to most teaching license subject areas.  All Professional Development courses will include a certificate of completion, documenting your earned hours.

To confirm usage of our Online PD/ Continuing Education, Non-Partnered courses as well as our University-Partnered courses for teacher license renewal, we recommend you complete and submit our Request for Approval Form to the Delaware Department of Education.

REFERENCE: Delaware Department of Education

What We Recommended for Delaware Teachers

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Salary Advancement Information for Teachers

Model Teaching partners with regionally-accredited universities across the country to provide graduate-level courses to thousands of K-12 teachers and educators every year. Generally, school districts across the country provide various salary scale advancement opportunities to teachers that often includes participation in graduate-level professional development. Our university-partnered, graduate-level courses are an excellent and cost-effective way for you to earn the continuing education academic credit you need.

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All Model Teaching university partners are regionally-accredited universities who offer our courses in partnership for graduate-level, academic and/or post-bachelorette credit.  Most states and school districts allow teachers to earn this type of credit as part of advancing in the salary scale.  Please check with your district’s policies regarding continuing education for salary advancement prior to enrolling.

The most cost-effective way to earn credits is by enrolling in our build your own bundle pack package (See Here).

Please refer to our course menu for a listing of graduate-level courses. Within each course page, you will have access to a syllabus that you may download.

Yes, all university-partnered graduate-level courses will include access to an official transcript from the university.

These graduate-level courses are primarily designed for salary advancement and/or certificate re-licensure.  It is the sole discretion of any university that issues the Masters Degree weather or not they may accept these credits to apply to a degree program.

PLEASE NOTE: The content provided on this page does not exempt users from their responsibility to ensure that our courses meet their state or district’s salary advancement policies or requirements. Please check with your district for details regarding your district’s salary advancement policies before enrolling in a course.

*The information on this page was last updated 3/2019. Please refer to the Delaware Department of Education web page for the most accurate and current information on Delaware teacher re-certification requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: The content provided on this page is solely provided for informational purposes and does not exempt users from their responsibility to ensure that our courses meet their state’s continuing education requirements. Please check with your state certification agency for up-to-date policies for teacher certification renewal/continuing education and use our Request Course Approval form if you want to confirm use of one of our courses for your professional development, continuing education, or clock hour requirements.