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$79 | 4 Courses | 44 Total PD Hours

This course bundle pack is essential for any teacher wishing to implement online learning in their classroom for either full-time online instruction or for a combined online and in-classroom instructional approach.

Learn how to plan effective online lessons while ensuring online safety, a sense of community, and equity for all students
Learn the types of content delivery tools as well as how to choose the right platforms for your students
Learn how to combine at-home, online content delivery with rigorous, in-class learning experiences
Learn how to apply a blended learning model to implement technology effectively in your classroom
Learn how to transform your regular classroom lessons with technology integration

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Learn How to Prepare & Teach Effective Online Lessons

These courses are essential training for any teacher wishing to provide online instruction to their students through either a 100% virtual learning environment, or by using a combined online and in-classroom approach. Teachers will learn how to plan and deliver high-quality and differentiated lessons online as well as how to select the appropriate platforms and/or digital methods for effective instruction across all grade levels and subject areas. Teachers will also learn how to build a safe online community for their classroom that encourages participation and accountability and will be provided with tools and strategies to effectively communicate with both students as well as parents. Teachers will also be trained on the Flipped Learning (or Flipped Classroom) and Blended Learning instructional models, which allows teachers to combine at-home content instruction with part-time rigorous classroom experiences as well as effectively integrate technology in the classroom to reinforce student knowledge. Utilizing the Flipped Learning model, teachers will learn how to determine what content can and should be learned at home and what content should be practiced through in-depth classroom activities. Teachers will also receive dozens of tools, templates, and lesson plans to help them implement important strategies into their own classrooms.

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Courses Included In The Bundle:

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Intro to Online Learning

This introductory-level course is an essential start for any teacher wishing to transition some or all of their lesson instruction into an online format. Learn what effective online learning looks like at any grade level and how to plan online lessons while ensuring security, a sense of community, effective online platform selection, and equity for all students.

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Flipped Learning: An Effective At-Home & In-Class Instructional Model

This course is essential training for any teacher providing a combination of at-home (or out-of-class) online learning and in-school classroom instruction. Learn how to plan for flipped learning, including how to determine what content can be learned at home, how to deliver online lessons, and the best ways to reinforce student knowledge with rigorous in-class activities.

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Blended Learning: Integrating Technology Into The Classroom

Technology is a great tool to support learning – but how can you efficiently develop impactful blended lessons for your students? This course teaches you how to select from the five main blended learning models to structure your lessons. You’ll learn a process for designing activities and choosing online resources for easier blended learning integration into your classroom.

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Transforming Traditional Classroom Lessons to Online Learning

This course will teach you how to shift your traditional classroom teaching strategies into an online learning environment, whether you need to do so only for a lesson or two as part of an ongoing blended model, or even with moving to full virtual instruction. We will explore the SAMR (substitution, augmentation, modification, redefinition) continuum of technology integration, encouraging you to work towards the highest level of “redefinition” as you begin to implement technology more authentically into your teaching. The course will work through each level of the SAMR model,  offering practical solutions, materials, and resources to help you plan and implement effective online learning.

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Professional Development Credits:


At the conclusion of the course, you will receive certificates for Professional Development Hours (Clock Hours, CPEs, CTLEs, Act48 Credit etc.).

Model Teaching Professional Development Courses are pre-approved in many states and we provide easy approval forms to submit to your license granting authority if required.

If you are a teacher seeking license renewal and wish to verify acceptance of our Professional Development Courses, please view our PD STATE REQUIREMENTS PAGE to learn more about your state’s requirements.

Also, consider taking our UNIVERSITY-PARTNERED, ACADEMIC CREDIT COURSES to earn regionally-accredited units or credits, accepted by most states for teacher re-licensing and salary advancement.

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This course is Pre-Approved in the following states for License Renewal and Continuing education:

  • Texas – CPE’s, TEA-Approved
  • New York CTLE’s – NYSED-Approved
  • Pennsylvania DOE – ACT 48-Approved
  • Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) – Approved
  • Nevada DOE
  • Other States As Well

This course may be pre-approved in your state as well!

For More Information About Your Specific State Requirements, Please View Your State Requirements

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Please confirm your specific district or state requirements for license renewal prior to registering and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about our courses.

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