Grouping Students Resource Cards

Grouping Students Resource Cards

This resource provides a set of cards that teachers can use to quickly group students in a variety of ways. Each card gives a specific color, a character, animal, letter, and number. Teachers can use the colors on the cards to place students in groups of 4.

Instructions: To use these cards, print, cut them out, and laminate (if desired). Put a hole punch in the top right-hand corner of each card and place the set of cards on a ring. When you are ready to place your students in groups, hand each student a card at random. Decide on the size of each group that you want. Then, ask students to find their partner(s) by color, animal, letter, or number depending on the size of the groups that you want.

Read The Blog Post About This Resource Here: “Where’s my partner?” An Overview of Grouping Strategies for the Classroom

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