Reading Comprehension Strategy Tool – Finding Text Evidence

This tool helps students identify direct evidence, pulled from the text, to answer specific questions. The graphic organizer helps students organize and clarify their reasoning and directs them to locate specific evidence to form arguments supporting their claims. Also, this tool helps build the skill-set of identifying the most relevant quotes when forming an argument. These reading comprehension strategies are essential to forming well-researched arguments when preparing essays or answering passage questions on exams.

HOW TO USE: After the completion of a passage or story, give students a specific question drawing from the events in the text. Next, have students answer the question on their own from their own general comprehension of the text. Then ask students to identify the specific evidence in the text by having them write reasoned arguments using specific examples taken directly from the text. Finally, ask students to select specific passages or quotes from the text that support their arguments.

View Our Blog Post: Reading Comprehension Strategy Tools to learn more about how to use this resource.

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