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Writing Effective Learning Objectives
Choosing the Right Assessments for Your Students
Planning for Instructional Strategies & Learning Activities
Strategies to Check for Understanding
Student-Led Classroom Management
Efficient Classroom Processes

Teaching Essential Course Bundle Pack
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Learn Essential Teaching Strategies & Techniques

The Teaching Essentials Course Bundle Pack provides courses perfect for new teachers, teachers interested in improving the fundamental areas of teaching, and anyone that needs the resources and implementation ideas for effective classroom instruction. The six courses are a good choice for teachers to take and implement throughout one year of teaching to help improve important instructional practices in the classroom. The package includes the three courses for backwards planning design to ensure effective lesson planning, strategies to check for understanding to determine student knowledge of content, student led classroom management to plan for effective behavioral management strategies, and efficient classroom processes to build the classroom procedures necessary to support good instruction and student performance.

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Courses Included In The Bundle:

Writing Effective Learning Obj-PD Icon

Writing Effective Learning Objectives

This training introduces Learning Objectives and gives step-by-step instructions on how to write highly effective Learning Objectives for your students.

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Choosing Assessments PD Icon

Choosing the Right Assessments for Your Students

This training is the second in a series of three that will go through the three stages of planning using the backwards design method. In this course we will be looking at the second stage of this process -assessments, with a focus on helping teachers choose the right assessments for their students.

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Planning for Inst Strat PD Icon

Planning for Instructional Strategies & Learning Activities

In this course, participants will learn the importance of aligning your instructional strategies and activities with your learning objectives and plans for assessments. The course will cover the five main instructional strategies, as well as how to choose the most effective strategies and activities that benefit all types of learners.

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Strategies to CFU PD Icon

Strategies to Check for Understanding

This course will teach participants the value of incorporating frequent checks for understanding into their lesson plans. You will learn about three types of checks, including verbal, written and demonstration, as well as learn when CFUs need to be incorporated into a lesson cycle and how to use data to inform future instructional decisions.

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Student Led Class-PD Icon

Student-Led Classroom Management

This course provides participants with specific methods to implement strategies in the classroom that foster student independence while still building a strong classroom culture, expectations, and appropriate methods to manage misbehavior.

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Efficient Classroom PD Icon

Efficient Classroom Processes: Strategies to Maximize Instructional Time

This professional development training will look at six different strategies that can help provide this type of learning environment, as well as the implementation process for each.

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Professional Development Credits:


At the conclusion of the course, you will receive certificates for Professional Development Hours (Clock Hours, CPEs, CTLEs, Act48 Credit etc.).

Model Teaching Professional Development Courses are pre-approved in many states and we provide easy approval forms to submit to your license granting authority if required.

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This course is Pre-Approved in the following states for License Renewal and Continuing education:

  • Texas – CPE’s, TEA-Approved
  • New York CTLE’s – NYSED-Approved
  • Pennsylvania DOE – ACT 48-Approved
  • Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) – Approved
  • Nevada DOE
  • Other States As Well

This course may be pre-approved in your state as well!

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