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Fostering Divergent Thinking as One Method to Enhance Student Creativity.”

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Support In-School PLC’s Using Our 1-Hour Quick Courses

Model Teaching Quick Courses are cost-effective, quick PD for teachers with action items, ready-to-go resources, and specific content that gets straight to the point. Our concise, in-depth lessons focus on a narrow topic that provides a holistic presentation of key concepts you can learn and be ready to implement in one hour or less. You can choose to watch the video lesson, read the downloadable article lesson, or both, giving you the flexibility to continue your professional learning in the format of your choice. While perfect for individual learning, these courses are also great for PLCs and other school-related staff development, training, and self-paced online instruction.

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Divergent Thinking – Lesson


Welcome to your Model Teaching Quick Course!

In this 1-hour course, you will be provided with an in-depth lesson on a narrowly focused topic. All Model Teaching Quick Courses are provided in both video and text format for your convenience. Feel free to watch the video or download the text version of the lesson found below.

Once your lesson is complete, please take the short multiple-choice quiz and submit your short-answer reflection. You will only be scored on your Quiz submission and you may take the quiz as many times as needed. A score of 80% on your quiz is required in order to pass the course.

Once all course modules have been viewed, and your quiz/reflection submitted, you will receive your completion certificate. You may then download your certificate within the “My Certificates” tab on your course dashboard.

We hope that you enjoy your course!



RN-861G-Divergent Thinking

Divergent Thinking Activity & Resource Packet

Use the Divergent Thinking Activity & Resource Packet for resources associated with each exercise, as well as a rubric to measure and then support creativity in your students.

Fostering Divergent Thinking as One Method to Enhance Student Creativity

This is a downloadable copy of your Model Teaching Quick Course. You may either watch the video presentation of this lesson or download the text-version here.

This downloadable text version is designed to help support PD for PLCs and other school-related staff development and training and contains the exact content found within the video lesson above.

Sample Full-Length Course Content

View Sample Content Provided with Our Full-Length, Comprehensive Courses

Sample Course Content From the Course:
“Collaborative Learning Models in the Classroom (8 Hours)”

Note: This is not the full course.  Only sample sections taken from the course.

Section 1 Lesson:

Section 3 Lesson:

Section 1 Reflection:

Reflection 1 Sample

Section 3 Reflection:

Reflection 3 Sample a

Reflection 3 Sample b

Section 2 Quiz:

Putting it all Together

Putting it all together a

Putting it all together b

Putting it all together c

Putting it all together d

Further Reading

videos further reading a

videos further reading b

videos further reading c

videos further reading d

Further Reading

Implementation tasks a

Implementation tasks b

Implementation tasks c

Course-Aligned Resources Included with the Course:

This course provides 27 course-aligned resources provided throughout the course.  These resources include, planning tools, student-facing resources, lesson plan templates and are designed to allow teachers to easily take the course concepts and apply them in their own classrooms.  Samples are provided for reference, and resources are editable for customization where needed.

  1. Student Grouping Template
  2. Student Grouping Template-SAMPLE
  3. Student Grouping Cards
  4. Group Discussion Notes Template
  5. Group Discussion Notes Template-SAMPLE
  6. Group Presentation Planner
  7. Group Presentation Planner-SAMPLE
  8. Think-Pair-Share Worksheet
  9. Think-Pair-Share Worksheet-SAMPLE
  10. Hot Seat Question Planner
  11. Hot Seat Question Planner-SAMPLE
  12. Jigsaw Worksheet
  13. Jigsaw Worksheet-SAMPLE
  14. Pyramid Analysis Worksheet
  15. Pyramid Analysis Worksheet-SAMPLE
  16. Common Collaborative Models Guide
  17. Questioning Planner
  18. Questioning Planner-SAMPLE
  19. Sample Prompts to Promote Engagement
  20. Academic Progress Tracker
  21. Academic Progress Tracker-SAMPLE
  22. Academic Collaboration Rubric
  23. Collaborative Learning Plan
  24. Collaborative Learning Plan-SAMPLE
  25. Effectiveness Rubric
  26. Implementation Observation Checklist
  27. Implementation Observation Checklist-SAMPLE

Course Resources

Download Hundreds of Course-Aligned Resources, Planning Templates,
Lesson Plans, & Student Tools

A Comprehensive Library of Resources Are Provided With Every Course

Examples of Course Resources Include:

  • Lesson Plan Templates (With Examples & Samples)
  • Trackers (Mastery, Behavior, & Documentation)
  • Graphic Organizers to be Used With Students
  • Checklists & Tools to Aid in Planning
  • Strategy Guides & Concept Summary Tools
  • Student Activities & Templates
  • Implementation Rubrics to Aid in Application
Build Your Own Bundle Menu

Model Teaching courses provide hundreds of course-aligned resources.

Here a few samples taken from several courses:

From the course “The Notecard System”

From the course “Growth Mindset in the Gifted Classroom”

From the course “Behavior Contract Design”

From the course “Encouraging Family Engagement: Through Effective Communication & Home-to-School Connections”

From the course “Understanding & Grouping English Language Learners”

From the course “Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies for PreK-5th Grade”

From the course “Effective Classroom Writing Strategies for English Language Learners”

From the course “Project-Based Learning”

From the course “Designing IEP Goals”

From the course “Math Stations for PreK-2nd Grade”

From the course “Student-Led Classroom Management”

From the course “Choosing the Right Assessments for Your Students”

… And Hundreds More

Implementation Tools

All Full-Length Courses Come With Implementation Tools for Admins
& Teachers to Track Mastery, and Provide Live In-Classroom Feedback.

Effectiveness Rubric Icon

Effectiveness Rubric

Use this effectiveness rubric to help you analyze your implementation plan.

How to Use: Review this rubric after your implementation of the lesson content. Determine how well you met the standards for each criterion to self- assess your level of proficiency in implementing the course ideas

Implementation Observation Checklist Icon

Implementation Observation Checklist

This checklist can be provided to your administrator or colleague to help provide an observation and feedback of your lesson after implementing the lesson ideas. You may also use it yourself as a self- reflection tool.

How to Use: Take this checklist with you during the implementation observation. Check each component that was visible within the lesson and provide feedback on areas of strength and areas for continued improvement.

Implementation Observation Checklist-SAMPLE-Icon

Implementation Observation Checklist-SAMPLE

This is a pre-completed example Implementation Observation Checklist for your reference.

List of Courses

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[su_label type=”warning”]Access to All PD Courses[/su_label]  Register your teachers for full access to our complete course menu for one year.  Includes all courses shown in this list.  Teachers may take any courses from our entire menu at their own pace. Perfect for PLC’s and self-directed PD for your teachers.

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Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Growth Mindset PD Course Icon
A Growth Mindset in the Gifted Classroom

Helping Gifted & Talented (GT) students persevere through challenging content can be supported through Growth Mindset strategies. This course provides you with the resources and strategies to foster a Growth Mindset in your GT students.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Blooms Taxonomy PD Icon
A Guide to Bloom's Taxonomy

This Quick Course will teach you what Bloom’s Taxonomy is, how it’s related to cognition, & how to use Bloom’s to more effectively design lessons around your standard or lesson objective.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Webbs DOK PD Icon
A Guide to Webb's DOK

This Quick Course will teach you what Webb’s DOK is and how it is related to rigor. You’ll learn about activities associated with each level of DOK, and how each level is related to a standard, lesson objective, and assessment or activities.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

A Look Into Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Learn what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is, and the components that make up each UDL principle. You’ll learn about strategies that follow the UDL model so that you can create lessons that support all students.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Teaching with Professionalism Course Icon
A Review of Boundaries, Communication, and Professionalism in the Classroom

This Quick Course provides an overview of professional characteristics to consider as you work to establish boundaries and respect with colleagues, students, and your students’ families that meet the ethical requirements of being a teacher.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Aligning Homework PD Icon
Aligning Homework to Instruction

This Quick Course will teach you how to design homework that is aligned to classroom instruction and effective in supporting student academic achievement.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Logical Fallacies PD Icon
An Introduction to Logical Fallacies

This quick course will help you to understand common logical fallacies and consider how you might address fallacies within your lessons. You will learn about the structure of a sound logical argument, 12 fallacies that occur in flawed arguments, and examples for each fallacy.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Behavior Contract PD Icon
Behavior Contract Design

Learn how to design a behavior contract for the students in your classroom. You will learn about choosing reinforcers for a desired student behavior, considering tracking methods and behavior contract design, and general ideas for behavior contract implementation.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

Behavior Strategies Testing PD Icon
Behavior Strategies for Improved Testing Performance

Learn how to teach testing behaviors, testing strategies, and a process for students to justify their answer choices on assessments. You will learn specific strategies and methods to explicitly teach appropriate testing behaviors.

Course Details

Price Per Teacher, Discounts Available for Multiple Teacher Registrations

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